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Retiree and Late Career Professional

Retirement is on your mind. You have goals, not only for yourself, but for your loved ones. You have saved money and built some wealth, but is it enough? Many of our clients come to us in preparation for retirement. There are a number of decisions to be made that may have a significant impact on your financial security. Over time, the conversation shifts from retirement security to legacy planning. You want to help your family, and maybe a favorite charity, but want to make sure that you’re doing it right.


  • Can we afford to retire?
  • How do we design a retirement income plan that will last our lifetimes?
  • How much can we take from our portfolio? 
  • When should I start taking Social Security benefits? 
  • How do we allow our wealth to empower, not hinder our kids? 
  • What’s the best way to make charitable donations?




You want to make sure that you’ll be okay after you retire. A retirement that doesn’t require a lifestyle change, and has enough cushion for unexpected expenses or additional desires. We review your retirement needs and other goals and provide an analysis of your income sources and manage portfolio withdrawals.



We seek to protect what you have worked so hard to build, but we also understand that it’s important to continue to grow your assets in order to continue to meet your family’s goals. Building on a foundation of academic principles, we employ a disciplined approach to maintain appropriate levels of risk and management of taxation.



You want the wealth that you’ve worked so hard to build to empower your family to live fulfilling, productive lives. But you don’t want your wealth to become a de-motivator. Or, in the words of Warren Buffet, one should leave "enough money to your kids so they can do anything, but not enough so they can do nothing." We work with you, and when appropriate, your kids, your attorney and maybe your favorite charity, to create a plan to carry out your dreams.



Taxes will likely be your largest expense through your retirement. Our investment discipline seeks to make tax-smart decisions, including optimum asset location strategies, Roth conversion, loss harvesting and tax managed funds when appropriate. We work with your tax professional to make sure nothing gets overlooked.