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Our Difference


We look to address your unique questions and address them together in a cohesive manner. Wealth management is more than a financial plan, investment returns or tax reductions. It’s an ongoing process of discussion, consultation and complete integration of all aspects of your financial life.


Our independent status allows us to serve as an ally to our clients. We never receive commissions or referral fees. The Fee-Only model means that our clients know that we will always seek to provide the best advice.  As an independent, objective advisor in an industry awash with conflicts of interest, our clients take comfort in knowing that we have no reason to recommend anything other than what is best for them.


We’ve have guided clients through the dot-com boom and bust, Y2K, a housing bubble, two major stock market crashes and the Great Recession. Our comprehensive approach to wealth management, combined with our adherence to an academically based investment discipline, has allowed us to safely guide our clients through turbulent seas.


Investment Philosophy


Our methodology is based on decades of academically sound and empirically tested research, developed, modified and improved upon by some of the world’s leading economists. Our portfolio management is based on the principle that markets are efficient and returns are determined principally by asset allocation, not market timing or stock picking.


For many investors, emotions, principally greed and fear, drive investment decisions, causing them to buy high and sell low. Disciplined investment management means maintaining appropriate levels of risk through systematic rebalancing, tax management through asset allocation and smart “asset location” decisions, and a strategic plan to maintain desired cash flow through both up and down market periods.


We have maintained consistency in our investment strategy since the firm was founded. This consistent approach brings our clients peace of mind in knowing that we are not experimenting with the latest “hot” strategy or chasing the next great stock pick. Instead, we focus on what is most important to you, helping you pursue your life’s dreams.