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You’re at the stage when you’re thinking about retirement. You have goals, not only for yourself, but for your loved ones. You have saved money and built some wealth, but is it enough? Many of our clients come to us in preparation for retirement. There are a number of decisions to be made that may have a significant impact on your financial security. Over time, the conversation shifts from retirement security to legacy planning. You want to help your family, and maybe a favorite charity, but want to make sure that you’re doing it right.

Questions on your mind

  • Can we “afford” to retire?
  • How much can we take from our portfolio?
  • When should I start taking Social Security benefits?
  • How do we allow our wealth to empower, not hinder our kids?
  • What’s the best way to make charitable donations?


You want to make sure that you’ll be okay after you retire. A retirement that doesn’t require a lifestyle change, and has enough cushion for unexpected expenses or additional desires. We review your retirement needs and other goals and provide an analysis of your income sources and manage portfolio withdrawals.


We seek to protect what you have worked so hard to build, but we also understand that it’s important to continue to grow your assets in order to continue to meet your family’s goals. Building on a foundation of academic principles, we employ a disciplined approach to maintain appropriate levels of risk and management of taxation.


You want the wealth that you’ve worked so hard to build to empower your family to live fulfilling, productive lives. But you don’t want your wealth to become a de-motivator. Or, in the words of Warren Buffet, one should leave "enough money to your kids so they can do anything, but not enough so they can do nothing." We work with you, and when appropriate, your kids, your attorney and maybe your favorite charity, to create a plan to carry out your dreams.


Taxes will likely be your largest expense through your retirement. Our investment discipline seeks to make tax-smart decisions, including optimum asset location strategies, Roth conversion, loss harvesting and tax managed funds when appropriate. We work with your tax professional to make sure nothing gets overlooked.


You are enjoying a successful career, the result of hard work and smart decisions. Your net worth, while respectable, may be mostly tied up in the value of your business, stock options, pension plan or restricted stock. You may have begun to think about your exit plan. Or perhaps you just want to be sure that your family’s future is secure while you continue to build your business or career.

Questions on your mind

  • How do I manage my deferred compensation and stock options?
  • How do I plan for the sale of my business?
  • How can I minimize or defer taxes?
  • What retirement plan options are available to me?
  • How do I convert the value of my business into an income stream that I can retire on?



You have worked hard and taken some risks along the way. You’ve built a business that has enduring value. It’s time for you to step down and let someone else run the show (not to mention the 70-hour work weeks). Working with your attorney and CPA, we can help you make sense of your succession planning options and help you plan for the next chapter of your life.


As a business owner, you have a large number of options that you can put into place for your company retirement plan. The best choice for you depends on a number of factors. Do you want to maximize your contributions? How much would you like to contribute to your employee’s plans? How much flexibility do you want in contributions year-to-year? We can help you explore and understand all the options.


Are you making the most of your company benefits? We can review your benefits and make sure you are participating in the programs that benefit you most. We can also develop a strategy around stock options, deferred compensation and pension options.


Maybe you have a concentrated position in company stock or other low basis holdings. We will implement an investment discipline, founded on academic principles, in a manner that is sensitive to taxes and any company stock ownership requirements. Our objective is to help you continue to plan for the future, while protecting what you have worked so long and hard to build.


Life is rarely a smooth sail from Point A to Point B. Sometimes the seas get rough or your course gets altered, and help is needed to navigate your way along the journey. Other times, an unexpected bounty is received and special handling is required. Life transitions often leave you wondering, “What now?” Our goal is to help you through the transition and find peace of mind.

Questions on your mind

  • Although we planned well, the loss of a spouse has left me with more questions.
  • I need to ensure that the inheritance I am receiving is properly managed.
  • I am recently divorced and need to reevaluate my personal finances.
  • I’ve received a recent windfall and want to make sure I’m making the most of my newfound wealth.



Few things in life can be more difficult than losing your spouse. During this emotional transition, there are a large number of financial decisions that must be made. Even if you were the one who managed the household finances, the process can be overwhelming. We will work with you to develop your plan going forward. Whether it’s complex decisions regarding your estate or just re-evaluating your financial goals, we can help be a sounding board during this difficult time in your life.


Sudden wealth is the dream for many, but it comes with a multitude of potential pitfalls. That’s why we hear of professional athletes and lottery winners going broke after a short period of time. There are many questions such as: How much can I spend now vs putting away for the future? What about taxes and legal matters, such as trusts and wills? Proper planning will help you enjoy your newfound wealth with confidence and peace of mind.


It’s important to have a clear understanding of your financial situation after a divorce. Will you stay in the house? Will you pay or receive spousal maintenance or child support? How will it affect your medical insurance coverage or Social Security benefits? Most importantly, what are your goals going forward?


You have dreams for yourself and your family. You’re busy with your practice but know you would like to retire without worrying about money, putting the kids through college or helping your aging parents. You’re saving but not sure if you have a good plan. You are concerned about asset protection and want to make sure your family is protected. You want to build and protect a solid foundation, while working towards your dreams.

Questions on your mind

  • Are we on track to meet our goals?
  • How do we protect and build our assets?
  • How do we know if we are making smart decisions with our money?
  • How do we plan for the myriad of competing goals?
  • How do we protect our family, in case something catastrophic happens?



For many, retirement no longer means a gold watch and a pension. Your vision of retirement is unique to you. It could be leaving your day job to follow a creative passion. Perhaps it’s moving to a new town or even a foreign country. Maybe you love what you do, but would like to be in a position of working for the enjoyment, not for the money. We’ll evaluate your current situation and create a plan to help you achieve your goals. We’ll help you determine if you are saving enough, where to save and assess if you’re on track.


You want to know that your family will be protected in the event of difficult times or tragedy. We’ll review your life and disability insurance and property and liability coverage. We will also have a conversation about your wills and estate planning desires.


We understand that helping your kids succeed, without incurring the all too common burden of student loan debt, is important to you. We help you determine how much you should be saving, based on your kids’ ambitions and your goals for them. From those decisions, we conduct an evaluation of possible savings vehicles, including tax, liquidity and control tradeoffs aligned with your goals.


You have multiple investment accounts: a 401(k), an IRA, a taxable brokerage account. Each account could be tied to different goals, time horizons and tax implications. We help you determine how to allocate your assets to achieve both your short term and long term goals in a coordinated plan that also seeks to minimize your tax burden.